Review of Canvas Print Service

I was recently approached by to review their service. Now I’m not a huge fan of canvas prints, being slightly of the mind that canvas is for oil paintings not photographs. However, recognising that some folk like this format and with nothing to lose I thought, why not?

So I selected a landscape that I thought would work well and started a dialogue with Dan of about what options were available to me. He was extremely helpful in explaining the “wrap options” to me and emailed examples of what the various crops would look like.

Ben More, Isle of Mull 1

Ben More, Isle of Mull 1

I selected the style I liked and then awaited my package with some trepidation. When I received my package in the post it was evident that a mistake with the crop had been made but when I pointed this out to them they rapidly dispatched a replacement without any quibble. Should I have need of a canvas printing service in the future I would certainly consider using MCanvasPrints again and I’m very happy to recommend them to others.

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