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In a recent campaign I have been spreading my net further to target search engine keywords with locations where the majority of the work seems to be focused, namely;


North East

Search Engine Optimization is truly a black art and I am nowhere near mastering it. I have spent many hours tweaking the web pages of my main website to make it feature more prominately in the search engine rankings.

I’ve done quite well in targeting keywords in my immediate town of Durham so keywords such as “Durham photographer“, “photographer in Durham” should find me. However, from the relatively low number of hits on the website I’m coming to the conclusion that folk simply aren’t looking for photographers in Durham and when they are, they are looking for wedding or portrait photographers which isn’t really my line of business. So once again I’ve targeted keywords such as “commercial photographer Durham“, or “product photographer Durham” but I’m finding that these keywords are hardly ever searched for. The jist of it is that there is a very small market for this sort of photography in Durham itself.

Of course I’m only 20 miles from Newcastle, about 16 miles from Sunderland, and 24 miles from Middlesborough, and Darlington, Stockton on Tees, Gateshead and Washington all fall within a 20 miles radius of my home so I consider all these local. In fact I’m very to happy travel anywhere in the North East of England, North of England, or South and Central Scotland. UK wide and international assignments are certainly not out of the question.

One of my neighbours, Russell Collingham of VoxDev ( has been invaluable in providing advice and help with creating backlinks to my various sites. Hopefully I’ll reap the dividends soon when I get an influx of hits on the website and hopefully a corresponding increase in the amount of business generated. If not I could be looking for my 3rd career!

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