Faded Seaside Glory

This book stemmed from an interest in urban decay and dilapidation. I wanted to record the decline of the North East’s traditional seaside resorts. Little did I know when I started this series of images back in the early part of 2008 that the World economy was about to plunge into recession. My original premise that such resorts were in decline due to the Brits favouring sunnier foreign climes was soon to be turned on its head as those same holidaymakers tightened their belts and started to frequent British resorts once more.

Thus, in the course of this study the emphasis has changed from one of neglect and decline to one of regeneration. Yes there is still plenty of dilapidation but there is also hope for the resorts as the excavators move in to refresh the sea defences and to knock down the eyesores. The North East remains a depressed economy and without significant global warming there is unlikely to be a huge growth in home based beach holidays but at least these resorts may find a new niche as short break destinations.

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