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Hi. My name is Rob Birrell and I am a UK based Commercial and Advertising Photographer trading under the name Rob Birrell Photography (www.robbirrell.com) . This blog is intended to be separate from my professional work and might cover anything that I’m interested in, that has been brought to my attention or that I think is important. I hope to build around it a community of friends and contacts who share a common passion for photography.

Outwith my professional interest I still love looking at, reading about and discussing all genres of photography.

I started photography more years ago than I care to remember but started to take it seriously at secondary school ,probably 27 years ago under the mentorship of the then Head of Biology at Warwick School, Keith Brocklehurst. He taught me the fundamentals of darkroom work and introduced me to his passion for improvisation and macro photography. I went on to winning the Thomas pize for Photography (twice I think) which was to be my only distinction in an otherwise unremarkable school career.

From school I went first to University to study Electronics and then onto a 17 year IT career mostly served as a Software Engineer. In these 17 years an ample salary and sufficient annual leave allowed me to feed my passion for travel while pursuing the “perfect image”. Finally in 2004, in a declining market for UK based IT skills and having exceeded my use by date, with three redundancies in the space of five years I decided that it was time to move on and pursue my passion for photography more seriously.

I embarked on a 2 year period of study at the City of Sunderland College and obtained an HND with Distinctions in Photography and Digital Imaging in June 2007. Since that time I have been building my own photography business, Rob Birrell Photography.

I’m continuing my studies with the Open College of the Arts and hope to “top-up” my HND to a BA in the next couple of years. I’m also currently participating in the Creative GLEAM Programme which aims to foster creative startup business through their early stages. We’re now working up to a showcase exhibition on 1st May 2008 so watch this space.

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